Senior Home Caregivers

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How much do caregivers charge

If you have ever worked as an independent contractor providing home healthcare, then you know that you can’t just name an amount to charge. There are a few factors that will determine your overall hourly fee.

A few determining factors include:

-Your skill level and amount of experience. Are you certified?
-Your job requirements, the amount of hours your services are requested, type of services provided
-Your location. Care providers in the next town over may charge more or less than what you might. It’s best if you call around and see what the going rate is for the services you provide.

Based on these factors, AARP had the average rate that a care provider charged listed at $19 per hour in 2008.

Why are elderly caregivers important
There are 3 main reasons why caregivers are important in elderly care:

They are providers

Care providers do just that, provide care. This is usually given as personalized care which is based on the elderly’s needs and preferences. The care provider is always there for them for whatever they need when their family is unavailable.

They provide assistance

Care providers give assistance when they know their elderly client is too weak to accomplish a task. They assist with everyday chores such as cleaning, assisting with their medications or doing laundry. Care providers are also there to assist with bathing.

They sit and talk as well as listen
The most important part of a care provider’s job is not to just cook and clean, but to sit and talk and be a companion. When sitting down with an elderly they listen, they listen to the many wonderful stories they have to share. They get to know their client’s family. Being an effective listener ensures them that you can be counted on when needed and would be someone who could lend a shoulder if needed or to give a great hug.

The on-going challenges for home care services

With so many challenges in people’s lives today, home care services shouldn’t be one of them. But unfortunately, there are still many challenges plaguing our elderly health care system, these include:

1. Difficulties in receiving continuous care
This is mainly blamed on the lack of trained and qualified care providers that work in home health.

2. Preventable Hospital Visits or Hospitalizations
These are caused mainly by the lack of proper supervision by the care staff.

3. Preventable Mistakes in Care
It’s inevitable that we will make mistakes at work, but they become a problem when they are preventable. Examples of preventable situations include falls and medication errors. Both of these events have a possible outcome of being sent to the hospital for evaluation.